Toddler Gift Guide


Before I had Ella, I was truly at a loss anytime I needed to buy a gift for a toddler. I would try to google around to find the perfect gift and would stress about it until it was really too late to order anything good. I would panic and just get something random in the 11th hour just so I would have a gift. I don’t want you to be in this position! After having a 14 month old, I can tell you these gifts would make any toddler very happy!

To be completely honest, you could just buy a few pieces of Tupperware with lids or gift an empty bottle of water and make any toddler in your life super happy. But, in the event you actually want to give a nice gift, I have put together some items for boys and girls!

  • Doll stroller: This little wicker stroller is adorable for any little girl on your list. I love that its small, so even the tiniest toddler won’t have trouble reaching the handle. It also looks so sweet sitting in your toddlers room which is always a bonus!
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Okay, this is a splurge but if you need a nice gift for a toddler, it does not get better than this. Ella has one of these and absolutely loves it. It is so soft and snuggly and its the perfect little size for any toddler to carry around.
  • Little Tikes Basketball Goal: File this under things you never thought would be in your living room but now you have a baby and instead of your beautiful coffee table you have a basketball goal. To be honest, Ella loves this. Like REALLY loves this. She has the pink and purple one, but it also comes in other colors if you are buying for a boy. The height is adjustable and it can grow with your toddler!
  • Baby Doll: I love that this baby doll is so classic. Ella has always been more into her stuffed animals until she got a doll very similar to this. She loves her baby and takes her around everywhere. This would be adorable with the little pink stroller!
  • Wooden Walker Toy: This has been a big hit in our house! Even though Ella can walk on her own she still loves to push this around. The height is adjustable and so is the speed, which is unique. You can tighten the brakes to allow your toddler to be able to push this faster or more slowly depending on how advanced they are in the walking department. Ella also really loves the little toys attached and truly plays with this all the time!
  • Wooden Stack Toy: This is great for baby brain development. Also, if you have a toddler then you know that it is very difficult to keep their attention on one thing for very long. If you can find a toy that keeps them sitting in one place and occupied for a few minutes, then it is worth its weight in gold.You don’t even have to pay gold for this because its under $20 and a great gift for a toddler!
  • Pretend Dryer: This may seem silly, but I promise you one of Ella’s joys in life is when I am emptying the dryer. To me it is one of the least enjoyable tasks ever created and I try to avoid at all costs, but she bolts in the laundry room and looks at the dryer the way I look at a glass of wine after a long day. Pure joy, LOL. She could stand there for an hour loading and reloading the same t shirt and pair of socks in and out of the dryer. This play one is adorable and perfect for little tikes.
  • Purse: Let’s be honest, a toddler walking around with a little purse is adorable. Toddlers love to imitate us adults and Ella loves to play with my purse. I got her a similar little purse as part of her Halloween costume and I had no idea how much fun she would have carrying it around.
  • Bath toy: We have one of these and it is an absolute favorite in our home. My bathtub used to be a serene spot that had lots of pretty bath salts and bath oil bottles. Now, it is surrounded by rubber ducks and this bright contraption, and I would not have it any other way. This thing makes Ella so happy every night during bath time and I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy playing with it from time to time.
  • Ball Set: Ella’s number one passion in life is a basketball. She can spot them on television like she has some special radar or a sixth sense. One of her favorite words to say over and over is “ack ball”. A friend got her this set of balls for her birthday and she is obsessed. For real obsessed. They are small and soft so she can carry them around and they are perfect for little toddler hands.
  • Mickey Mouse Remote Control Car: We don’t own this but Ella would love it. She would love to push the button and see the little car move. She gets pure joy out of figuring something out like this so this is definitely on her Christmas list. It also comes in a pink Minnie Mouse version!

We own a lot of these toys and they are things that Ella loves and plays with over and over. These gifts would make you the favorite aunt or friend or whatever it is, and let’s be honest, that is really all we want when buying a toddler gift, right? You can shop these awesome gifts here:

Women’s Christmas Gift Guide


I have to say that this one of my most favorite gift guides I have ever done! I truly love each and every item on this list. I honestly get a little overwhelmed with gift guides every year because there are SO MANY. There are gift guides for ladies, men, MIL’s, dogs, best friends and so on. I was not sure if I was even going to do any gift guides this year, but I started doing some online shopping and decided that they are just so much fun! I hope this serves as some inspiration for any lady on your list!

  • Stars Above fuzzy slippers: I have these and love them! They are adorable and only $10! They would be a great gift for anyone. They come in a variety of colors too!
  • Roses candle: This candle is expensive, there is no way around it, but it would be perfect for the lady in your life that has everything! It has the most delicate scent and makes the whole house smell amazing! It also looks incredibly chic with any decor.
  • Peter Thomas Roth rose mask: I have used this mask for years and love it! Its a great gift for the beauty junkie in your life!
  • Leopard print pajamas: Every woman needs a soft, matching set of pajamas in her life. As someone who stays hot, I love that these are shorts!
  • Veja sneakers: These velcro sneakers are too cute! I love the rose gold and they would look so cute with jeans and dresses!
  • Yeti mug: I use my Yeti mug every single day of my life! It is the only way I ever get to drink a hot cup of coffee because I am usually chasing around a wild toddler while trying to drink my morning coffee! It is a lifesaver and something I truly love.
  • Charlotte Tilbury bronzer: This bronzer and highlighter are so pretty! This is the smaller, travel size and would be great for the gal on your list who is always on the go!
  • Express cozy pullover: I truly can not say enough about this dreamy pullover! It feels like a cloud and has the most beautiful sleeve detail. Grab this for someone who wants to be oh so comfy while still looking cute!
  • Steve Madden booties: I love everything about these booties! The color is perfect, the heel height is great and I love the slit on the side!
  • HRH book: the perfect coffee table book. The Royal lover in your life will swoon over this amazing book all about the Royal fashionistas!
  • Fenty lip set: This adorable lip gloss set is a great gift for one special lady on your list, or can be split up for several smaller gifts. The colors are all subtle but so pretty and the texture of the gloss is great–not sticky at all!
  • Flowerbomb perfume: This is a long time favorite perfume of mine. It has the softest floral scent, and it looks beautiful sitting out on the vanity.
  • Initial necklace: This little cutie is only $12 and would be the perfect gift for anyone! A new mom would love this with her baby’s initial, a new bride with the initial of her new last name and so on. You get the idea, anyone would love this.
  • Slip mask: 2020 has been weird and I never thought I would be adding a face mask to my favorite gift guide. I think masks are unfortunately going to be a part of our lives for a long time so why not have a beautiful one? This one is supposed to help prevent “maskne” too, which any lady can appreciate!
  • Stoney Clover Lane bag: And if you’re going to have a beautiful mask, you might as well have the cutest bag ever to store it in!
  • Slip pillow case: This pillow case is around $90, which sounds like a lot, but this is something she/you will use every single night of your life. It helps prevent wrinkles and helps preserve your blowout, so really what more is there to say? This is luxurious and wonderful and I could never go back to a regular pillowcase ever again! If you really want to buy someone’s love, get them this. I kid, but really this is great!

Okay, there it is! I am by no means Oprah, but this is Summer’s list of favorite things and I hope you like it! All of these are things I already own and love or things that are on my personal wish list! There is a variety of prices and gifts for every gal in your life so get shopping!

I’ve Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day…and It’s This Dress!

When I think about writing a blog post, I usually try to think of a post that will be helpful to someone who is taking the time to read it. A recipe, a beauty product review, etc. However, today I am just dedicating this blog to a beautiful dress. This is a dress that makes me smile every time I look at it.

I was browsing the beautiful displays at Anthropologie one day, and I swear this dress spoke to me. It looked right at me and said “take me home”. Okay, so I did not literally hear the dress speak ( that may be a whole different kind of post, LOL) but I just felt like this dress was meant to go home with me. Its the perfect mix of easy breezy but so beautiful. You can wear it to brunch on the weekend (are people brunching currently?) with sneakers, or to a fall wedding with nude heels. It is unique and fun and has the prettiest texture! If you are on the market for a dress that will make you stand out, then this is for you. I am in the XL and am 5’2 for reference. SHOP THE LOOK HERE:


Do you have those special pieces in your closet that you just love? This dress is definitely that piece for me. I am all about having a neutral, classic wardrobe, but sometimes you just need to add some color!

I thought it would be fun to include the picture of me swooning right after I found this dress. I had been in the dressing room trying things on and just wasn’t finding anything that really felt right. Then, as I went to hang up my items, I saw this dress and knew I had found the one!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas + a Recipe

I love the holidays! I know this may make some of you cringe, but to me Thanksgiving and Christmas count together as “the holidays”. I am not afraid to put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I think it adds to the festiveness of the season! With that being said, I definitely still like to celebrate Thanksgiving on the proper day and eat all of the traditional foods.

Our Thanksgiving day usually looks a little bit like this…. my mom and husband in the kitchen cooking away, my dad on the couch watching t.v. and me trying to make sure everyone is properly entertained. It’s usually loud with a lot of hustle and bustle. This year my duties will be less entertaining and more chasing around a very busy toddler. We will all eat, drink and be merry into late afternoon/early evening and then Patrick and I will eat leftovers for dinner and veg on the couch. Sounds like the most perfect day!

Eating lots of food and chasing around a toddler means that I need to wear comfy clothes! Jeans are probably (definitely) going to be a no-go for me and honestly I am just not a leggings kind of girl. I can’t personally think of a better Thanksgiving day outfit than a loose midi dress. They look put together while secretly being oh so comfortable. Do you have a food baby? No one knows because you chose wisely and look beautiful in your flowy dress. I thought I would share a little inspiration with some outfits that would be perfect for any Thanksgiving!

I love this adorable midi dress for Thanksgiving day. I love the fall colors and floral print but most of all I love the ease of it. My husband makes the best sweet potato casserole therefore it is very necessary for me to wear something loose. Neither of us are huge sweet potato fans but I promise you, this recipe is absolutely delicious. We both look forward to it every single year. If you are looking for a healthy recipe, keep scrolling but if you are searching for something that will be a crowd pleaser then you are in the right place!

Okay, and now for a little outfit inspiration! I included looks that will keep you comfy while you load up your plate with seconds, but also make you look put together!


Wide Calf Boots

*******SHOP HERE:

Every single year when I am so over the heat and I can start to sense a hint of fall in the air, I start to obsess over boots. My first ever blog post that I wrote was about wide calf boots, and here we are a year later. This is something that is very important to me. I feel like so many retailers have gotten on board with extended sizes, but where are the boot manufacturers? I see so many fall outfits on Pinterest of cute floral dresses with tall boots and I want to recreate them, but every year its the same thing. My large, no giant calves prevent me from wearing tall boots.

As someone who loves fashion, I love boots. They are one of the things I love most about fashion. Nothing can make me swoon more (except a good handbag) than a beautiful pair of tall boots. But, most of the time, actually 99.9999999% of the time, I cant wear the beautiful boots. My calves measure at about 17.5 inches. I think that is a similar measurement to most NFL kickers, but lucky for them, they probably don’t care as much about boots.

Some retailers carry “wide calf boots” but they are either terribly ugly or not actually wide calf. A lot of the wide calf options I see are actually only about 15 inches in circumference. Other boots I find that actually are wide calf are usually always flat, black riding boots. If that is what you are on the market for then great, but I want something totally different!

Well, I know the suspense is killing you so let’s get to the point! I love these wide calf boots by Naturalizer! They are the exact style I was looking for and they look adorable with dresses and jeans. I ordered these from Amazon with absolutely no expectation that they would actually fit. When I got them in, I unpacked them and was surprised to see how much I really liked them! I was still hesitant to try them on from so many times of boots not fitting. However, I went to slip them on, and like magic they fit! They easily slid right on with jeans and even a little room to spare! I was so excited!!

These boots are by Naturalizer so I trust the quality. I have worn them around shopping all day and they are very comfortable! I feel confident wearing them and do not feel like I am sacrificing style at all! If you have wide calves and struggle with boots fitting, then I am sure you know the struggle! I had a friend who messaged me about these boots after I posted them on Instagram. She was unsure because she had purchased some boots before from a blogger who claimed they were wide calf boots. My friend received the boots and couldn’t pull them on at all. She was so disheartened that she gave up looking for tall boots. Enter Naturalizer! She ordered these and loved them too! I am 5’2 and these are not too tall. They are the perfect neutral grayish-taupe color and are made of a soft faux suede material. I have had so much fun styling these boots and cant wait to wear them all Fall!

YOU CAN SHOP THE LOOKS HERE: (plaid shirt) or

30 A Beach Guide

I consider 30 A to be my home away from home, so I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the reasons I love it so much! I have been visiting this area with my family since I was a young child who had very large pink glasses and hadn’t grown into my teeth yet. I don’t remember the exact year I first visited, but I know it was love at first sight. It has changed so much over the years and it is always so fun to see what new shops and restaurants have opened since my last visit!

I feel like I need to mention the fact that October is a wonderful time to visit! The weather was so perfect for those of you who like to enjoy the beauty of the beach without roasting. The days were in the 80’s with a wonderful breeze and the evenings dropped down into the 70’s (just enough to wear a light sweatshirt and feel cozy). I have to say October is my favorite time I have ever visited and it worked out so well with Ella. She could not be outside for long periods of time at the beach in the middle of summer due to the heat, so this was perfect timing. I also want to touch on the elephant in the room…coronavirus. We definitely did not do as much this year as we normally do due to our desire to socially distance. However, I can easily talk about all of my favorite spots to visit when it is safe to do so!

So, lets dive in! 30A is made up of a string of beach towns that are all charming in their own way. I could literally type this blog post for days discussing all of the fun things to do in each and every one, but I am going to try to do a highlight reel of my absolute favorites! 30A exudes a kind of casual elegance that I have not personally experienced many other places. If you are searching for a vacation spot that has water parks and mini golf, then you may want to head more towards Panama City or Destin because you wont find those activities in the 30A area.

Where to eat: Let’s begin with something most everyone loves, eating! There are some amazing restaurants serving up fresh seafood!

  • George’s- this adorable restaurant is located in Alys Beach, which is a truly stunning area. Definitely head here for lunch (or dinner) and enjoy a glass of wine and some amazing fresh fish on their outdoor patio. The view is beautiful and the food divine. I love to order the fresh fish sandwich or the grilled fresh fish over avocado, citrus and beet salad. My mind is transported here as I type this. It is kid friendly and is surprisingly casual given the menu.
  • Bud and Alley’s- This is an absolute must! Make sure to head upstairs to the rooftop deck to enjoy a drink and some stunning views of the gulf! This is the best place to catch the sunset in 30A. Make sure to order the smoked tuna dip or the crab cakes! I literally never miss this spot when I am visiting.
  • Caliza- This place is absolutely stunning. It is an outdoor restaurant nestled around the pool at Alys Beach. This is the perfect place for a date night. We usually go for drinks and desert and just admire the beauty all around!
  • The Bay- this is a very unique restaurant and is a great place to take the kids! The casual tables and lively atmosphere are perfect for families. It is literally right on the bay and you can walk out on the dock or sit around a fire pit while you have a drink and wait for your food.
  • Black Bear- This is a tiny little place located in Grayton Beach and is a must stop for breakfast and coffee! Trust me, its delicious! Seating is limited though so you might consider getting your delicious pastries to go!

Where to shop: Now were talking! Obviously shopping is my favorite activity and I love seeking out the best shops on vacation!

  • Luminary-This beautiful shop is in Rosemary Beach. It smells like heaven when you walk in and instantly want to buy everything. The decor is beautiful and the clothing and shoe selection are incredible. It looks like everything you touch may cost you a mortgage payment, but surprisingly its pretty affordable. This is my absolute favorite place to shop in the area!
  • Cabana Seaside-This eclectic outdoor market is a must! Each and every piece looks like it was hand selected by someone fabulous who has a lot of money to spend to look effortlessly chic. While the price point is high, I never miss a chance to stroll around and imagine myself wearing one of the beautiful caftans while sipping a glass of something delicious.
  • Duckies Seaside: This is an adorable shop for kids! The shelves are filled with a variety of fun toys and precious clothing for boys and girls!
  • The Seaside Store: I love this area so much that I never miss the chance to head to the Seaside store. While all the apparel is stamped with a simple font that reads Seaside, it all manages to be so chic!
  • Patchouli: This beautiful store is in Rosemary Beach and is full of wonderful beauty products and luxurious lounge wear. It is one of my favorites for sure!

What to do: It goes without saying that one of my most favorite activities ever is just finding a nice spot of shade and lounging on the beach. The gulf is made up of soft white sand and crystal clear water but there is so much to do if you aren’t into relaxing by the ocean

  • Beach activities: You can rent kayaks or paddle boards and try your hand at not tipping over! When we were there last week, the water was like glass. There were literally no waves and it was the perfect time to paddle board!
  • The Hub: This is a great place for families. It’s a huge outdoor space and is made up of restaurants and shops and often has live music or outdoor movies that are family friendly.
  • Walk around Seaside: There is so much to do here! There are lots of shops and restaurants here and it is a great place for family entertainment. There are several walk up restaurants like Pickles and a whole row of Airstream food trucks that have everything from Bar B Q to snow cones. There is a large outdoor ampitheater area which always has some fun activities going on for kids. It’s truly one of my favorite places ever!
  • Rent bikes: This may or may not sound that fun, but in this area I promise it is! Seaside is very pedestrian and bike friendly and you will see people of all ages biking around!
  • Grab a drink and head to the beach at sunset. We do this at least once with every visit. The soft sand and calming sound of the ocean make it a great place to sit on a towel and watch the beautiful sun go down!
  • If you are looking for nightlife, this may not be the area for you as most places are focused on family activities. However, there are a few places with a more lively/bar atmosphere. Check out Red Bar if you are searching for a party vibe! It is located in Grayton Beach and has food and live music.
  • The Pearl: This is a beautiful hotel in Rosemary Beach. You can head to the more sophisticated indoor bar for a drink and a nice dinner, or head upstairs to the rooftop bar for a more casual menu with a view. Either way don’t miss it! After you finish here, walk around and take in all of the beauty of the area.

Okay, I could seriously go on and on because I love this area so much! It is truly special and not like anywhere else I have ever visited. It is about an 8 hour drive from where I live, or an easy hour flight into the Panama City airport. Do yourself a favor-pack your swimsuit and go visit. I promise you will fall in love!

This is the view from Bud and Alley’s! Truly one of my favorite places ever!
Beautiful outdoor shopping at Cabana!
My favorite shop in all of 30A
Grab a drink and head to the beach at sunset, but definitely bring a camera because you will want to snap some pics!
Rosemary Beach!
I always have to stop here!
Seaside, FL
The best place to grab a chair and relax!

Ella’s First Birthday Party!

My mind tells me that I typed that correctly, but my heart is still in denial that Ella is one! It is such a cliché to talk about how fast the time goes, but wow does it fly! I distinctly remember every single detail of the ride home from the hospital like it was yesterday. The interstate seemed so big and out of control. I clinched the center console in the back and held on for dear life, even though we probably only drove about 25 MPH the whole way home. Ella was so tiny in her car seat. Her precious monogrammed outfit I had gotten her at Plaid Rabbit didn’t come close to fitting her tiny self, so she rode in a little pink gown that I had thrown in my bag at the last second. Then, I blinked and a year had passed. My tiny newborn angel is now a strong willed one year old who (kind of) walks and definitely talks. I don’t usually know what she is saying, but I know when she says Mama and that is really the only word I need to hear.

Her first birthday party was so special. I will have to tell her one day how her first party was during a global pandemic and things were pretty weird in the world at the time. We did not get to invite all of our friends and family that we wanted to celebrate with but they were there in spirit. We all wore masks and planned the party outside, however, with the extreme humidity that day it wasn’t possible. We kindly asked our loved ones to love Ella from a distance this year and myself and my husband were the only ones who held her. That was definitely a bitter pill to swallow, but everyone understood and we all came together and made the best of it! Now on to the party and the gifts. What in the world do you buy a one year old? Before having a child, I literally never knew what to buy for my friend’s kids, so I thought it might be helpful to share what Ella is loving at this age!


**Our matching dresses are Gal Meets Glam and are sadly no longer available.
This little outfit turned out so cute and was perfect to wear during the smash cake! The hat was custom made.
Loved this plastic flatware! I wanted things to be casual for a kid’s birthday party, and this went along perfectly with the rainbow theme! Available here:
Mimosas were a last minute decision and the adult guests definitely enjoyed them!

We did a pastel rainbow theme for the party to celebrate our very own little rainbow. As someone who is usually obsessed with taking pictures of everything, I am realizing that I don’t have a ton of pictures from the party. I was trying to enjoy every minute and not be on my phone the whole time. Luckily, my uncle took lots and lots of party pics which I haven’t seen yet but know they will be great!

My hubby and I decided to do our own balloon arch, and I love the way it turned out! We ordered it from Etsy and it was a labor of love but totally worth it! We rented a giant “1” and filled it with balloons, and I loved it. I tried to think of every single rainbow themed detail I could think of down to the flatware and it all came together so nicely for a child’s party! We decided to grab some mimosa supplies at the last minute, and I highly recommend that (depending on the time of day of your party). The adults definitely enjoyed those as the kids ran around. We decided to have all of Ella’s favorite foods for her party, so we got grilled chicken nuggets and mac and cheese from Chic-fil-A, sliced watermelon and pickles! The food was a big hit and we literally didn’t have one single bite left!

I filled the treat bags for the adults with a precious little rose compact mirror, a personalized lip balm that said “Ella is one”, a little hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works (hello 2020), some birthday cake caramels from Sugarfina that included personalized stickers that said “thank you from Ella” and matched the plates and invitations, and a personalized cookie. For the boys I included some Spider Man stickers, a little miniature football, a Spider Man jumprope and a cookie. We also had a bounce house for the kids and a pinata, which I highly recommend. I filled the pinata with lots of little toys and sunglasses and some animal crackers so it wasn’t just a bunch of candy, and they absolutely loved it! It helped to keep them entertained and they really had a lot of fun with those activities!

Okay okay, now on to the gifts. Ella truly made out like a bandit this year. Our friends and family were so kind to shower her with all kinds of special gifts. Since my living room currently looks like we have purchased every toy known to man, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few (even though we truly love and appreciate each and every gift).


Ella truly loves each and every toy she was lucky enough to get from her birthday. The thing I am realizing about toddlers is that they love something one day and then want no part of it the next. That can make things difficult when shopping for one. However, the toys I listed are things that she consistently loves and plays with every single day!

  • Play kitchen: I can not recommend this enough! It seemed very daunting when we got it and there were 40 steps in the instructions, but it honestly was not that bad and Ella loves it! It is so cute and the attention to detail is great! Ella loves opening and closing the cabinet doors over and over.
  • If you buy one thing listed here, let it be the little pots and pans set! Ella is literally obsessed. The little pots are tiny and perfect for her size! She also spends so much time with the little Velcro fruits and veggies. Truly a favorite and it goes great with the kitchen.
  • A walker: this is a great option if you are buying for a baby that isn’t fully walking on their own. It provides some security as they are learning balance and Ella truly loves all the activities that come along with this one.
  • VTECH activity cube: This is large and bright and you probably think you don’t want this in your living room, but Ella loves it. It keeps her attention which is not easy at this stage!
  • Ball set: One of Ella’s most favorite toys ever is a ball! They bring her so much happiness and she loves these “nubby balls” that have an interesting texture.
  • Stacking cups: simple but Ella loves these an often reaches for them among her million toys.
  • Jelly cat stuffed animal: this is a huge favorite in our house ,There are a million different ones and they are so soft!
  • Piano: this is a really great gift! The keys are very reactive when you touch them and Ella loves to bang on them and make noise!
  • Radio Flyer tricycle: Ella loves to ride this around. She feels like she is in control when actually you are the one steering. It provides a little more independence than a stroller and as she gets older, there are little pedals! So cute and Ella really loves it.

Whew…is anyone still there? This was obviously a very special day for us and I had so much fun planning. I hope this gift guide is helpful if you need ideas for a little one. These will all work for boys or girls and are tried and true faves! Anything pictured in pink also comes in other neutral colors!

Fall Trends I am Loving for 2020

Let’s be honest here, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most people. It’s been crazy all the way around, and a global pandemic is just the icing on the cake. We are all still dealing with the dreaded coronavirus and it has inevitably affected every single person’s life in one way or another. So, lets all try to laugh (when we can) to keep from crying and try to find the bright side. For me, Fall is always the bright side. I love Fall! I love Fall fashion, Fall candles, cool crisp air, pumpkin everything and all of the other basic things you associate with this time of year. I get excited every single year to stock my closet with fall goodness. Also, every single year I say that I am not buying any more sweaters because it doesn’t get that cold where I live, but alas I have already bought several this year so what are you going to do?

Now I am not Vogue magazine, but I have seen several trends for the upcoming season that I love! I was searching around for Fall trends recently and I found things like wearing a veil, everyday wedding dresses and so on. I will not be sharing these kinds of trends. I am sharing wearable things that I personally love! Some are trends that are hanging around from last year and some are new to this lovely year!

1. Tops and dresses with details including a high neck or wide overstated collar: This is one of the trends that I am the most excited for! I always tend to swoon over clothes that look like they could have been worn in another time when ladies wore corsets and there was no such term as “athleisure”. So I am here for this trend. For me, this is a look that I love all the time, but if it just something you want to try out, I suggest shopping somewhere like H&M or Target so you don’t break the bank .This way if you don’t wear these pieces next year, you are not out a ton of money.

Shop these looks here:

high neck

2. Puff sleeves: This is another trend that I love. I have been rocking the puff sleeves all Summer long and I tend to continue right into Fall.

Shop these fun puff sleeve look here:

puff sleeve

3. Fun sneakers: Golden Goose sneakers were literally everywhere last year. Some people loved them and some hated them, but either way there is no denying that they set the scene to wear sneakers with everything from jeans to dresses. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the designer, destructed version, there are a million cute options available.

Shop these sneakers here:


4. High waisted jeans: This is a trend that took me a little bit of time to come around to. These can look awkward if not done right. I find that my favorite way to wear them is with a simple puff sleeve white top tucked in. If you are more daring, they look adorable with a crop top and a cardigan for Fall.

Shop these jeans here:

5. Equestrian Influence: This is a look that can be classic and elegant, but can also read costume if overdone. As someone who grew up riding and showing horses, this equestrian vibe takes me back to my childhood and I love it!

Shop the equestrian look here: http://http;//

These are just a few of the styles that I think will be popular this Fall. Other trends seem to be fringe, oversized ponchos, jewel tones, shearling and lots of leather. One thing I know is that in today’s world, really anything goes. Its fun to participate in some trends here and there but at the end of the day you just have to wear what makes you happy! If you see me I will probably be wearing a dress that makes you want to sing “Home on the Range” and I am totally okay with that!   

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am going to preface this post by saying that I was very disappointed in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year. I promise to always be 100% honest about the things I post. I had a terrible experience with the sale last year and swore I wouldn’t shop it ever again. I have had a year to get over it and certainly a lot has happened since then (2020 has been a crazy, am I right?) There is always so much hype around the sale and the past few years I have been left wondering if the hype is real. I have to be honest when I say that the constant coverage of the sale is exhausting, especially since most of the good stuff sells out immediately and what is left over is well, left overs.

Last year I had a TERRIBLE with the sale. I shopped the sale the moment it opened on the second day and 9 of the 10 items I ordered were cancelled. The one item that was shipped to me was the wrong color. The customer service was atrocious. I saw countless comments on Instagram from people who had a similar experience. I understand that Nordstrom wants to reward people who spend a lot of money in their store, but I think the way they structure their sale is annoying. They let certain people shop first based on your card holder status and don’t open the sale up to the general public until way later. I assure you by the time the sale is open to the public everything remotely good is sold out. As usual, certain influencers get free merchandise sent to them before the sale so they can hype it up and make the rest of us want the products. However, by the time you try to buy those products, they are sold out. I just don’t really understand the process. I know that I am not making you very excited to shop this sale but I was just left with such a bitter taste in my mouth last year. I have browsed the sale and I do think there are some really great things included this year. A lot of the items seem pretty standard for the sale and aren’t that exciting, but there are some things that I think are totally worth trying to snag for the sale price. I am going to include my picks below and you can shop them here:

Women’s Clothes:

Women’s Shoes:




I am only including things that I genuinely love and think are worth the money! I really love each and every item included here!

If you are interested in snagging any of these sale items, here is when you can shop! You can preview all the sale items at and create a wishlist of your favorites so hopefully when the sale opens up you can snag a few!

Three pairs of shorts for people who hate shorts!

Let me begin this post by saying that I literally went years without wearing shorts. I live in TN where the Summer time is about as hot and humid as you can imagine, however, I suffered through jeans and other various wardrobe options to avoid the ever dreaded shorts. My legs and upper thighs are one (of many) parts of my body that I just can’t seem to deal with. My thighs are big and lumpy and generally make me feel very self conscious. The thought of wearing shorts was just a hard pass for me. I would see other people walking around in the cutest pair of denim cut offs and I would always wish that I could throw on a pair with an awesome tshirt and look effortlessly cool. But, I convinced myself that shorts weren’t really my style and I would just stick with dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, dresses will always be my first love but sometimes, it’s nice to just throw on some shorts and go. My husband has told me for years that he loves when I dress more casual. Now, super casual just isn’t my style and probably never will be but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my moments. As I have gotten older, I have realized just how short this life on earth really is. My world absolutely fell apart a few years ago and I think going through grief really changes you. I have had times in my life where I obsessed over my weight and simply just hated myself for being overweight. But at this point in my life, I have decided to just be happy. If I want to wear shorts, I just wear the shorts. If someone looks at me and doesn’t like what they see, then they are free to look elsewhere. I am a work in progress. I think even the most seemingly perfect looking people have things about themselves that make them feel self conscious. So, I have decided for now to just wear what I like, enjoy my baby girl, smile, be kind to people and choose to just be happy- fat thighs and all 🙂

If you are in the same boat, or even if you aren’t, these are all great shorts. I have a thing for denim cutoffs, so I am sharing two different pairs that I love! You can shop my looks here:

1. Universal Thread denim shorts: These are truly the first pair of shorts that I put on and just loved. As I tried them on, I fully expected to hate them and had already decided they wouldn’t work. However, as I slipped them on…magically….I didn’t hate them! I started thinking about all of the ways I could wear them and my mind went crazy with options. They are the perfect amount of stretch, a great length and just overall feel amazing! They are currently on sale for $15 are one of the best purchases I have made all Summer!

2. Wild Fable paperbag shorts: I love these shorts! They are high waisted and elastic and oh so comfortable! I have worn them with t shirts and loved it and also dressed them up with a cute eyelet blouse and wedges and felt a little more dressed up. They are around $20 and .it!

3. Free People cut offs: I casually strolled into Free People recently to browse and would have bet my house that I wouldn’t have walked out with a pair of denim cut offs! I couldn’t never fit into a pair of Free People shorts right? WRONG! My husband encouraged me to try these shorts on when I found them and kept going on and on about them. I didn’t want to go to the dressing room only to experience disappointment when I couldn’t even get them on. However, I was feeling wild and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did because they are everything I have been looking for in a pair of shorts. They are trendy with the frayed edges, high waisted so they suck you in and have just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable. They are a little shorter than I normally wear but I have to say they make me feel great. I have worn them twice all day and they hold their shape and don’t stretch out. They are great quality and hands down my favorite pair of shorts I have ever owned!

If you had told me last Summer that I would be writing a blog post about my favorite shorts, I would have laughed and thought you had probably been drinking or something. However, letting go of fear has really felt good (literally felt great because it is SO HOT HERE). I hope this post has offered some encouragement for you if you struggle with your body and don’t wear what you love because of it. I promise you that life is too short to not wear what you love. Just try it and see what happens. I am pretty sure you will love the results <3.