Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Summer. I am a nurse, a first time mom and a fashion lover!

I never knew it was possible to love someone so much until the nurse laid my sweet baby girl on my chest. It was an instant, overwhelming, passionate love. My sweet hubs and I walked a long road to get to meet our sweet Ella Rose (but more on that topic later). It reminds me of the Grateful Dead song, “what a long, strange trip it’s been”…. Isn’t is funny where life takes you sometimes? Hopefully at least some of you reading this blog know the Grateful Dead….and if you do I am sure you can’t get that song out of your head now. Sorry about that, but at least it’s a great song!

When I am not feeding Ella, changing a diaper, or just generally staring at her in awe, I am surely daydreaming about fashion. When she is napping, you can bet I am somewhere online shopping, planning outfits or scouring the internet for inspiration. As far as fashion goes, handbags are my first love and always have been. Chanel, Celine, YSL…just the thought makes my heart race. I believe the right handbag can make or break any outfit! As a lady who is on the curvy side, I have always been drawn to accessories. They always fit, am I right? But, my love of fashion isn’t limited to handbags. I love searching out the newest trend, while also trying to remain classic.

Anyone reading this who is above a size 10 knows how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit and fit well. As a size 14/16, I am constantly searching for ways to look stylish and trendy in a world where it can seem that fashion stops at a certain size. I don’t consider this a plus size blog, but just a blog for anyone who loves to shop and loves fashion. I am not turned off by clothing stores that don’t market themselves as “plus size” and love to play around and find what pieces I can make work for me. That is part of the fun! I also love beauty products, travel, shopping for my baby girl and figuring out this first time mom thing as I go.

Thank you so much for reading a little bit about me. I love to have fun and don’t want to take life, or myself too seriously. I am a southern girl who loves to eat, loves her family, and loves a good monogram. I never imagined myself with a blog, but as I mentioned before, life can be funny that way. So, here I am…I hope you will come back and visit often!

2 thoughts on “Please allow me to introduce myself…

  1. Hi Summer 👋🏼 (love love your name!!)So happy to meet you and your sweet Ella Rose. Love your style!!


    1. Hi!! Thank you so so much!! You are too kind ❤️ It’s so nice to meet you! I love following you and love your style! Your pics are always so beautiful, and I always love your dresses!!


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