Baby registry hits and misses

As my husband and I walked into Buy Buy Baby to do our shower registry, I couldn’t help but feel like Ariel in the Little Mermaid. There were gadgets and gizmos a plenty, whozits and whatsits galore, you want thingamabobs–they had twenty…but in reality what is all of this and what do you really need? Like any newbie, first time parents, we went ahead and just bought it all. Now that our little one is 10 weeks old, we have had the chance to test things and figure out what we loved and what didn’t work for us. This post is going to be a long one, so lets get to it!

1. Fisher Price bouncy seat: This is a must in my opinion. Our little girl loves this chair and this is basically the only place she likes to be besides in our arms. We purchased a much more expensive swing that connects to our phone and is very fancy, but ended up going to Wal-Mart and purchasing this good ole fisher price basic bouncy seat and she couldn’t be happier! This is definitely one of our most loved products!

2. Infant optics DXR-8 monitor: This monitor has been great for us. My hubby did a lot of research about monitors and this is the one we settled on. It has a LED bar on the side of the monitor screen which lights up when your baby is crying or making noise. It has lots of camera features like a zoom lens and a wide angle lens (this lens is sold separately). The best part about the monitor is that it doesn’t rely on wi-fi and there is no lag in the image at all. It has almost 5 stars out of 33,017 reviews on Amazon!

3. Owlet smart sock: This is an item that people usually feel strongly about one way or the other, but for us it has been wonderful. I am a paranoid first time mom (and nurse), and this has allowed me to sleep at night. It monitors baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation level and alarms if either go out of normal range. It is very pricy, but for me it has been worth every single dollar.

4. Dr. Brown’s natural flow options wide-neck bottles: We tried several different bottles and these worked the best for our little one.

5. Doc a tot: this is another item that is pricey but has been totally worth it for us! We use this little device all the time for supervised napping or just a secure place to let baby rest while I pump or grab a bite of lunch. The only negative is that the cover has to be air dried, so I recommend purchasing an extra cover on amazon (they are way less expensive than the doc a tot brand).

6. Ubbi diaper pail: This diaper pail has worked great for us, and it looks cute in her nursery. The thing I like about this option is that you can use regular trash bags and don’t have to purchase special bags or filters.

7. Frida baby humidifier: I have used several other humidifiers and this is by far the best one I have ever personally used. It doesn’t leak at all, and once you fill it up it lasts all throughout the night. I like to add the Frida baby vapor drops which smell great and have really helped when our little one has a stuffy nose.

8. Hatch rest baby sound machine: To be honest when we first got this I hated it. Ella still sleeps in our room in a bassinet so we had to get used to the idea of a sound machine. But, after a few nights with this, I fell in love and have never slept so deeply in my life! I am a very light sleeper and the white noise allows me to really get into a deep sleep. It also will stay on all night and doesn’t turn off after a certain time which is great to help baby sleep all night.

9. Keekaroo peanut changer: This changing pad is awesome! I love that you can easily wipe it off and sanitize it if an accident happens!

10. My brest friend nursing pillow: This pillow is a life saver and an absolute must for anyone who plans to breast feed. It velcros around the waist so it stays in place, and it provides the perfect surface for baby to rest while nursing. As a more plus size mamma, this pillow was a game changer for me.

11. Chicco keyfit 30 zip infant car seat: This car seat has ben great for us. Our little one is on the small side and this seat fits her securely and safely. It is really easy to use and has great reviews. I love Chicco products!

12. Chicco urban 6-in-1 modular stroller: We honestly have just used the base of this so far with our car seat and it works great. The “bassinet” style attachment was way too large for our baby and she did not like it at all. So, we just snap our car seat into the stroller base and go! It folds up easily, however, it is large so it takes up a lot of room in the car. Despite the size, it has been great for us.—minerale/08079099020070.html

13. Sassy tummy time floor mirror: I had to include this because Ella loves this! She is still too young to really play with toys, but she loves to stare at herself in this mirror. Also, she loves the little bee that has crinkly wings! I highly recommend this for any baby!

And now for a few products that weren’t so great:

1.Boppy pillow: I hear so many people rave about the boppy pillow, but it was a disaster for me. It didn’t fit around my waist well, and Ella would slide down in between the pillow and my body as she tried to nurse. It just felt stiff and awkward. My brest friend was a thousand times better for me!

2. Hiccapop wipe warmer and dispenser: This product had great reviews on Amazon, but it was a total fail for us. It leaked water everywhere and it didn’t dispense wipes very well. I ended up having to open it and dig out the wipes from the package every time, which was a huge hassle in the middle of changing a dirty diaper on a wiggly baby!

3. Noodle and Boo products: I wanted to love these products so much as they smell so good. They are very expensive and did not agree with my baby’s skin. Unfortunately we had to stop using these products when her skin became very dry and flaky in some spots. We switched to some good old $4.99 a bottle Aveeno baby and it has been great for us.

4. Baby Breeza bottles: These bottles were a total miss for us. They were glass which we liked, but the nipple was so flimsy that Ella had a very hard time getting any milk. The nipple would collapse and invert which was a mess when trying to feed a frustrated baby.

5. Blooming baby blooming bath : This product is adorable and so soft but it didn’t work well for us. The water that collects on it get so cold! I felt so awful when I realized my tiny newborn was sitting on a mat of freezing ice water. I don’t recommend this at all.

6. Love to dream swaddle: We tried several different swaddles but this one was awful. Ella is a very laid back and content baby but she screamed bloody murder when we put her in this swaddle. The fit was off and it just didn’t work for us at all. We had much better luck with the “swaddle me” brand swaddles.

Whew…is anyone still there? I know this is a l-o-n-g post, but I wanted to be thorough. We spent so much money trying to figure out what works so I hope this post can help keep you from doing the same!

Okay a few more quick things that are necessities: Dreft newborn laundry detergent, Gerber white onesies (these were a lifesaver for us, Ella was tiny and didn’t fit in ANY of the adorable clothes we had for her- these fit great, are easy to get off and on and can easily be washed and dried, Boon drying grass–we use this literally all day everyday. Lastly, two books that I cant recommend enough are “On the night you were born” by Nancy Tillman and “You belong here” by M.H. Clark-such sweet books to read to your little one. Okay, I am finally finished-happy shopping!

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