Beauty review: Tula products

I am sure if you have been on the internet in the last year, or follow any bloggers at all then you have heard of Tula products. They are described on the Tula website as “clean, toxic free probiotic formulas”. They combine probiotics with superfoods such as blueberries, turmeric and vitamin C to nourish your skin. I have used several Tula products over the past year–read on to see my honest review of each product!

Tula purifying face cleanser: I have used this cleanser for a while and I have no strong feeling about it either way. I like the way it smells but I haven’t noticed any change in my skin at all since I have been using it. My skin tends to be dry and I do feel like this cleanser does dry my skin out a little bit more–my skin feels tight after I use it. Verdict: honestly, for the price I wouldn’t recommend this product. I think you can buy better cleansers for less money.

Face filter primer: I have tried numerous primers, and I have never found one that I am just crazy about. I have tried Smashbox, Tatcha, and Hourglass just to name a few. With my dry skin, I always feel like primers make my makeup look less radiant and almost seem to make my makeup settle in my fine lines even more. I will say that this primer is my favorite one I have used. It has a tint when you apply it to your skin which is different, as most primers are clear. I didn’t notice a huge difference in my make up, but I do feel like it made my make up last all day. Verdict: if you like to use a primer, then I do recommend trying this one!

Illuminating face serum: This serum is supposed to target dull skin and provide a more radiant appearance. It has a nice light scent and absorbs well, however, I have not noticed one bit of difference in my skin since I have started using this product. Verdict: I do not recommend this product. I think for the price you can buy other products that provide more visible results.

Hydrating day and night cream: I have mentioned several times that I have really dry skin so I am always looking for the best hydrating creams. This cream has great reviews, however, for me it was a no go. Again, I noticed no difference in hydration at all after using this product for three months. Verdict: I definitely think there are much better creams for hydration you can purchase for the price. I wouldn’t buy this again.

Glow and get it cooling and brightening eye balm: This is by far my favorite Tula product I have ever used. It feels so good when you apply it to your skin, and is very cooling. It also does a great job illuminating the under eye area which I definitely need since I have a new baby! You can apply this under your make up or as a pick me up throughout the day. Verdict: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Please remember that everyone has different skin, and some products that work for me may not work for you and vice versa. I think Tula products are great quality products, but for me they just didn’t work overall. I think for the money there are a lot of other lines I would rather spend my money on. I like to see results from skincare, and overall I just didn’t see results from these products.

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