“Poppin bottles” with Pop Yum!

If this face doesn’t make you smile then I am pretty sure nothing will!
“Testing” out the furniture selection at At Home as I had a hungry baby on my hands! #reallife
Just shopping and snacking 🙂
(Top and shoes are @madewell, jeans are @loft)

Before I had Ella, I always heard people talk about how difficult it is to get out of the house with kids. Wow, have I found this to be true!! It is amazing that someone so tiny can require so much. I am still pretty new at the mom gig so I am hoping to get better as I go but right now it is quite a production to get out the door. I have to feed Ella and make sure she stays upright for an appropriate amount of time (#refluxbaby) then I have to pack the diaper bag and make sure we have diapers, wipes, a changing pad, extra clothes, a paci, etc…you get the idea! By the time I get myself ready, feed her, change her, and pack up, it literally takes an hour–seriously, an hour! My husband is very logical and analytic and he is always trying to streamline the process. One way we have done that is by using Pop Yum bottles! We randomly found these on Amazon as we were searching for travel cannisters for formula. These bottles are game changers! You can go ahead and portion out the amount of water you want, and then you add the formula to the top. A small agitator separates the two until you are ready to “pop” the bottle and feed your baby. The agitator is released and the formula drops down to mix with the water. You can do it with one hand, which every mom knows is crucial! These bottles have saved us so much time and space in our diaper bag. I used to have to portion out formula in small containers and then pack those along with bottles and bottled water. It was always messy and awkward trying to mix bottles on the go, especially with a crying, hungry baby. These bottles have made it easier to get out the door and for that I am very thankful! If you have a young baby definitely try these out–you will love them!

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