Diaper bag must haves…

Now that Ella is almost four months old, I think I have a pretty good idea of everything we are going to need when we are out. It is almost like a comedy skit to watch us get ready to leave the house. It’s amazing how much gear is required for such a little girl. I want to be prepared for every situation and I don’t want to be caught without something I need. I thought I would share my diaper bag musts for any of you new mamas (or dads) that might be curious. I hope this helps!

Disinfecting wipes: #firsttimemom over here, but it absolutely kills me to have to use the diaper changing stations in public bathrooms. I personally avoid public restrooms at all costs, so the thought of taking my tiny baby in one of those places is panic inducing. However, life happens and sometimes you have no choice. I always have a pack of sanitizing wipes handy so I can wipe down the diaper station, door handles, etc. You never know when you will need these, so just trust me and get a pack for your diaper bag. I like to go to the travel section of Target and get smaller packs to carry so they don’t take up so much space!

To go bottle: I have raved about these PopYum bottles before, but I always have at least two with me when I go out. Some parents my be lucky enough to have a baby that eats on a schedule, but Ella is not that baby. She was born on the small side and we have worked hard to get her weight up, so I always want to make sure I have enough bottles on the go! A hungry, crying baby is no fun for anyone, so I always try to be over prepared and make sure I have plenty of bottles! These “to go” bottles make life so easy as you don’t have to pack water and formula in separate containers! https://www.amazon.com/PopYum-Anti-Colic-Formula-Dispenser-Bottles/dp/B0776J8SQ5/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2G97MSN8OMH7I&keywords=popyum+bottles&qid=1577163366&sprefix=pop+yum+bo%2Caps%2C181&sr=8-1

Wubba Nubba: This little pacifier is Ella’s absolute favorite thing ever! I actually went out today and purchased another one so we are never without one. She is a very calm and laid back baby (PTL she is like her dad) but from time to time she needs to be occupied when we are in the car. She loves this so much because she can actually hold the little giraffe and somewhat control it if it falls out of her mouth. Usually, she will fall right to sleep once we get her in her car seat if she has this to hold on to! And, there are so many cute little animals to pick from! https://www.amazon.com/s?k=wubba+nubba+pacifiers&crid=A7CBFCOX552R&sprefix=wubba+nu%2Caps%2C198&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_8

Burp cloth: I always make sure to have at least one burp cloth in my diaper bag. These are key for wiping up so many different situations and always come in handy! My favorite ones are these from Aden and Anias. They are nice and thick, and they have a snap on them and can double as a bib so you don’t have to pack a separate one. https://www.amazon.com/aden-anais-Single-Watercolor-Garden/dp/B07MFCF9MP/ref=sr_1_15?crid=OVRMI82JZYPT&keywords=adian+and+anais+burpy+bib&qid=1577163779&sprefix=adian+and+anias+bu%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-15

Hand sanitizer: This is a must have for any diaper bag. As a mom and a nurse, I can tell you that germs are literally everywhere. We are in the middle of sick season right now, so I use this religiously when I am out with Ella! It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of this whenever you are out and about to use after diaper changes, before feedings, or just anytime!

Changing pad: This is by far one of my favorite on the go baby products I have! I highly recommend this one in particular. It is larger than a lot of other ones I have seen, and it is very soft. It is also machine washable- I have washed mine and dried it several times an it holds up very well. Some diaper changing pads are very thin but this one is nice and thick and provides a great place to lay your baby when they need to be changed. https://www.amazon.com/MoBaby-Portable-Luxurious-Soft-as-Suede-Cushioned/dp/B07F8WP91P/ref=sr_1_4?crid=JJJK4XJGTJQG&keywords=mobaby+portable+changing+pad&qid=1577164085&sprefix=mobaby%2Caps%2C175&sr=8-4

Additional outfit: I always have two extra onesies in my diaper bag that I can put on Ella if needed. I usually keep a long sleeved one if we are somewhere cooler and a casual short sleeved one if its warmer. I have had to use this emergency onesie and I was so glad I had it! You truly never know when a blow out or spit up will happen, so always have extras just in case!

Disposable diaper bags: This little contraption has come in handy so many times! These little bags are scented and are so helpful when you have a smelly, dirty diaper to deal with. Sure, you can always just toss it in the trash, but it is nice to wrap it up in these bags first. These are also great for storing wet clothes if you have any accidents wile you are out! I love these and have needed them so many times! https://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Hammer-Diaper-Dispenser-Colors/dp/B001QKDI48/ref=sxin_0_ac_d_rm?ac_md=2-2-ZGlhcGVyIGJhZyBkaXNwZW5zZXI%3D-ac_d_rm&keywords=disposable+diaper+bags&pd_rd_i=B001QKDI48&pd_rd_r=d02e31cf-9674-4cfb-99b3-355e37a810c6&pd_rd_w=TfPPY&pd_rd_wg=Z45NP&pf_rd_p=6d29ef56-fc35-411a-8a8e-7114f01518f7&pf_rd_r=NWED77X9HB4D84PHRKDD&psc=1&qid=1577164440

Extra diapers and Aquaphor: It goes without saying that you need diapers in your diaper bag! However, I would seriously suggest taking however many you think you might need, and then a few more! You just seriously never know what will happen while you are out, so it never hurts to be prepared! I also have a couple of tubes of Aquaphor in my bag-this stuff can be used for anything! I always put this on Ella’s sensitive little skin when I change her to help protect her from diaper rash.

These are some handy dandy things I have in my diaper bag that I am never without! I have had to use each and every item mentioned and can tell you it is so important to have a well stocked diaper bag. You can never be too prepared when it comes to these sweet little babies!

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