Mid Week Review-Il Makiage

I promise that every mid week review will not be foundation! I know I just reviewed a foundation last week and I contemplated choosing another product this week, but I was just really excited about this! If you are ever on Instagram, chances are you have seen an ad for this line of makeup, Il Makiage. I ignored the ads for a while because let’s be honest, makeup at home is never the same as the professionally applied, professionally photographed and edited ads that you see. However, after reading several reviews of this product, I decided to give it a try. The beauty of this product is that you can try it free for 14 days. When you place the order, they will charge you $5 in shipping costs and won’t charge you the cost of the foundation ($44) for 14 days. If you hate it, send it back and you are only out $5. They donate the returned products to a non profit organization called Project Beauty Share that provides makeup to women in need. So, really its a win-win either way! It can be purchased from the Il Makiage website https://www.ilmakiage.com/.

The product packaging is really nice. It is very simple, black and white and looks very cool and trendy. The foundation comes in a nice glass bottle with a pump, which I love. I hate foundations that don’t have a pump and you have to pour them out and they inevitably go everywhere!

This card is included in the package and provides a few tips for product application.

The foundation is called “Woke up like this” and I am wearing shade 060. It is usually very difficult to order foundation online and choose the correct color. This website includes a quiz that helps you choose your shade. The quiz asks several questions about your skin type, undertones, etc. and gives you a shade suggestion at the end. I think the color chosen for me is actually pretty spot on! I have ordered a lot of makeup in my life, and I have never seen a shade selection process like this before.

My impressions: I love this foundation! I honestly did not have high hopes at all when I placed my order. I actually thought that I would try it out and ultimately send it back. But, I have to say, I really like it. This has a very different look than the foundation I reviewed last week. That one had a very dewy finish, and this one has a very velvety, matte finish. As someone with dry skin and fine lines, that would usually scare me but this did not settle in my lines. I feel like it actually got better and better as the day went on. I have never tried a matte finish foundation and liked it before this one. It provides great coverage but doesn’t feel heavy. It is definitely a more full coverage product. I am always on the hunt for a foundation that provides a blurring effect, and this one definitely checks that box! My mom is a tough make up critic and she even commented that she thought my make up looked nice and is going to order some as well!

I am honestly surprised how much I love this product! The line offers a full range of make up, and I will definitely try out some other makeup and report back. The line was created in conjunction with hundreds of make up artists, and you can really tell! This feels like a really quality product. The website covers every detail and provides the feeling that the creators really want you to love this product. Also, it comes in 50 different shades which is amazing! I am happy to report that I will be keeping this product. I have an everyday foundation (Loreal) that I love and will continue to wear but this has definitely earned a spot in my make up bag!

I am wearing foundation only on the right side of my face. You can see it provides great coverage and makes my skin look very smooth!
Again, I am only wearing foundation on the right side of my face.
It is recommended to use a brush or a sponge-not your hands to apply! I used my Sigma beauty foundation brush and loved how easy it was to blend! This is my favorite brush for foundation https://www.sigmabeauty.com/3dhd-kabuki-chrome.html.
I have foundation on my whole face here. I love how smooth and blurred everything looks! No filter was used.

Here is a close up of my face with no foundation. You can see the dark circles, and other imperfections.
There is no filter used here! This really is a great product!

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