Amazon the Drop

I would be wasting my breath to ask are you familiar with Amazon? Obviously, everyone is familiar with Amazon. I think Amazon is taking over the world to be honest. There is nothing you can’t find here. Use your wildest imagination and I bet you can find it on Amazon. So, we know that everyone knows about Amazon, but have you heard of Amazon the Drop?

The drop is an exclusive line that is created by global influencers. The collections are “dropped” on Amazon, and once they are gone, they are gone. The drop at different times with little notice, and the items are only available for 30 hours (there is literally a countdown clock on the page when you go to order). The items are made when you order them, so it does take a little bit longer to receive your product. I know we are all spoiled by Amazon Prime. But, these collections are worth the wait! If you follow Amazon the Drop on Instagram, you can even vote and have input on different fabrics, colors etc. used in the collections. So, how do you know when these collections drop? You can follow them on IG like I mentioned, or you can sign up for text alerts.

I was literally drooling over the last collection. It was by influencer Ellenor Kim (@spreadfashion) and I am telling you I wanted EVERY SINGLE PIECE in the collection. I settled on a printed, balloon sleeve top that is beautiful. I didn’t have anything like it in my closet, so that is why I ultimately chose this top. This specific top isn’t available anymore (which is kind of cool) but make sure to check out the drop. It is a great way to experience a range of different styles and you may (you definitely will) find something you just cant live without!

Hat: My exact hat is old from the brand Brixton, so I am linking a very similar one:

And now a really silly pic but I was so excited it was snowing. This light dusting is the great snow of 2020 for Nashville-hey I will take what I can get 🙂

I thought it would be fun to show a few other items from the collection that I didn’t get. I am kicking myself as I write this because I seriously love all of these pieces. I rarely see a collection where I want each and every item, but this is definitely one. Here are a few other pieces I loved (all of these pictures are from Amazon):

Your Cozy Go-To Sweatshirt

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