Think pink…

Earrings: Mine are from Asos and are recently sold out, but these linked look very similar:

One of my sweet little Valentines this year 🙂
Ella’s sweater:

February is the month of love and all things pink. You can love your friends, your mom, your hubby, your dog, or just love yourself! Who ever you want to celebrate this Valentine’s day, do it in this adorable pink blazer with pearl buttons. Now, I have never been too invested in this day because I like to celebrate my loves everyday, but it’s a holiday that is filled with the color pink so here we are! My husband and I are going to go out to dinner a few days after Valentine’s day (just the two of us) which I am looking forward to. We love including Ella in whatever we are doing, but sometimes it’s nice to use both hands to eat 🙂

I was reading about the origins of this holiday and it appears that Valentine’s day is an ancient Roman holiday that was celebrated in mid-February. The holiday (according to the all knowing Google) apparently celebrated the coming of spring and fertility rites and the pairing off of women and men by a lottery. I also read that some believe it dates back to the third century in Rome when Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than married men so he outlawed marriage. Valentine continued to celebrate love and would perform secret marriages for young lovers in defiance of the emperor. No matter where this holiday of love comes from, I hope you spend it with someone that makes you smile and feel loved. <3.

Now back to this blazer. I love the beautiful, muted pink color and adore the pearl buttons. It is so cute with jeans, but if you are really daring, you could wear this as a short dress with some awesome shoes. It is definitely oversized, so if you are going to wear with jeans, size down. I love the classic silhouette in such an unexpected color. And, the price point is awesome! I have it on with heels, but it would also be awesome with boots or cute flats. You can easily wear this from work to dinner, so its actually pretty versatile! I am also envisioning a more edgy look with some kind of black combat boots, or some high waisted mom jeans.

I hope you have a great Valentine’s day (and everyday). Go out with friends or stay home and snuggle with your dog but either way show yourself a little love!

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