Guess what’s back…back again…tie dyes back…tell a friend…

Okay I totally blame that title on this quarantine LOL. But seriously, lets blame everything on it while we can. It’s such a weird time in our world right now. My daily routine hasn’t changed super drastically, however, it is heavy on my heart that it has for so many. It is not lost on me that people are struggling right now and it is always on my mind. With that said, I am attempting to face these times with some normalcy for my family and for Ella, who luckily is too young to know what is going on around her. I am trying to focus on her and putting on a happy face for her so that she can remain in a world that is familiar to her as long as possible.

As I try to maintain my normal routine, I realize that online shopping is a big part of that! I love to online shop. It’s often times how I wind down in the evenings once I have put Ella to bed. I am not purchasing as much right now, because like a lot of people, I am not working in the midst of this virus. But, that doesn’t stop me from browsing!

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be loving tie dye right now I would have said ummmm, no. I loved it in the 90’s and thought I would have left it there with ripped jeans and Doc Martens, but here we are. All of that awesomeness that I just mentioned is somehow cool again. I always thought it was cool but everyone else does now too 🙂 I am saying all of this to say that I am going to round up some of my current favorite tie dye outfits! I think most people are rocking the comfy, stay at home look these days so most all of these outfits should fit right in!

Just a couple of gals both rocking our tie dye!
Ellas dress:
Even Ella is on board with the trend!

Now here are a few more options that I am loving:

Most everything listed here is priced really well! Although I love tie dye, for something this trendy, I don’t like to spend much 🙂 Happy shopping! Link to shop looks:

Here are a few that I could not link above:


Tie front top:

Oversized tunic:

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