Hair Care Favorites!

You would never know from looking at pictures of me now, but for most of my life I had platinum blonde hair! I loved my blonde hair and always swore that I would have it forever. Well, never say never because here we are in 2020 and I no longer have platinum blonde hair! When I became pregnant with Ella, I made the decision to stop coloring my hair. Please note that I am not a doctor and I am in no way saying that it is bad to color your hair while you are pregnant, I just personally made the decision not to do it anymore. The upkeep for platinum blonde hair is a lot! It is expensive and very time consuming and I had done it for so long that I decided it was the right time to stop coloring it and see what happened!

At first, I decided this was a horrible decision! The first few months were rough. I had a clear line of dark roots and it definitely looked like I had just totally given up on even attempting to look decent. I hated it and swore I had made the wrong decision. However, luckily for me the “ombre” look became very popular during my transition. After several months the color began to get washed out and toned down. It somewhat started blending in with my natural color (which isn’t super dark) and I began getting a lot of questions from people about my hair. It seemed that people thought the look was intentional and always wanted to know “who does your hair?” I slowly began to love my natural, darker color and I certainly loved that it was so low maintenance. I also noticed my hair was so much softer and shinier when I stopped coloring it! Overall, it was a great decision for me and I haven’t looked back. I thought it would be fun to share some of my tried and true favorite hair care products.

Keep in mind that everyone has different hair. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. It is naturally curly (not pretty curly, think frizzy and unruly). It is not oily at all and honestly with the help of my favorite dry shampoo I can really push the limits of acceptable hygeine (meaning I can really go a long time in between washes). My hair holds curl very well when I use the right tools!

Over the past year I have tried several different hair care products and the products listed today are the ones I always go back to over and over! Here are some others I have tried over the past year:

Shampoo/Conditioner: Verb, Living Proof, Olaplex, Kerastase.

Hair oil: Oribe and Olaplex

Styling products: Oribe, Alterna Hair Care

After my most recent haircut!
I love to wear headbands on days when I dont have a lot of time to fix my hair!

Now that you have an idea of what my hair looks like, I am including a list of all of my favorite hair care products! You can shop them here:

1. Redken Color Extend: I know I said that I dont color my hair anymore, and don’t, but I still love this shampoo and conditoner. It is my all time favorite. It makes my hair shiny and doesn’t weigh it down. Also, it doesn’t make my hair oily at all!

2. Ouai Hair Oil: This is by far my favorite hair oil! I apply it right to the ends of my wet hair and it helps to keeps my ends healthy. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it feel “producty” ( I realize that isn’t a real word but you get the point). Also, I love the way it smells! I heard so many rave reviews of the Oribe and Olaplex hair oils but I went back to this one with no comparison!

3. Wet Brush: my hair stylist told me about this brush years ago and I have used it ever since. It is very gentle on your wet hair and helps to easily get out all of my tangles from my curly hair. This brush is very inexpensive and is really good for your hair.

4. T3 Whirl Trio: Okay, I know this curling wand is expensive and you may think thats crazy, but hear me out! I have tried many a curling wand in my life and nothing, I repeat nothing curls my hair like this one. I go back and forth between the smaller straight wand and the tapered one and my curls will literally last forever. It is so worth the money to be able to curl my hair once and not have to worry about it again until I wash it. I have used cheaper ones and the curls just do not hold. I end up having to re-curl everyday and ultimately apply much more heat damage to my hair.

5.T3 Hairdryer: I have the same feeling about this product. It smooths my hair like none other and makes my hair really shiny! I feel like it is totally worth the money.

6. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Voumizer:I got this about a year and half ago and I LOVE THIS! I ordered it on Amazon Prime Day after hearing a lot of great reviews. It took me a few tries to tweak this to make it work for me but let me tell you, this gets the curl out of my hair like none other. I use my T3 to dry the bulk of my hair and then I section it off and use this to blow it out straight. The only negative about this dryer is that it gets really, really hot! That is why I find it best to blow dry with my T3 and then finish with this!

7. Conair flat iron: This is just the flat iron that I have. It’s fine and gets the job done. I use it to just straighten out my bangs and touch up around my face and ends if I need to. I have had this forever and it is still kicking so I would recommend it!

8. Living Proof Dry Shampoo: This is absolutely 100% one of my holy grail beauty products. I am never ever without a bottle of this. It is the best dry shampoo I have ever used. When it is getting time to wash my hair again, I shake this up and spray it at my roots. After it sets for a few minutes, I simply massage it into my scalp and voila- I have volumized, clean hair that looks like I just washed it! I could talk about this product for days, but I’ll just stop here and say this is the best ever!

9. Living Proof Dry Volume Blast: This is another Living Proof product that I love. After I curl my hair with my T3 wand, I lift a few sections of hair around the crown of my head and spray this. Then, I just massage it in and it adds so much volume to my otherwise flat hair!

10. Slip pillowcase: Last but not least this is one bouje pillow case and I know it. I received one as a gift and fell in love and ended up buying another one. It is pure silk and it really makes a differene in your hair. I can tell a huge difference when I use one of these versus just a regular cotton pillowcase. It extends the life of your curls and it is better for your skin! You can find these on sale from time to time and I highly recommend getting one. You will love it!

Okay, that it is! These are my most favorite products that I have purchased over and over! I don’t like a lot of product in my hair and like to keep it pretty simple (okay simpleish). I think these are all great prodcuts so I hope you can try some out and find something you love!

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