Feeling groovy with Free People!

I know, I know, my titles have gone crazy lately lol! But, in my defense the dress I am chatting about today is called the “Feeling Groovy” maxi dress. Things I have learned about myself since I started this blog: 1. I love makeup and skincare products, like A LOT 2. I love finding a piece of clothing or shoes and then finding an affordable option and 3. I love a good dress. I mean, I seriously love a good dress! Now, you may be shaking your head at #2 because I wouldn’t necessarily mark this dress as an “affordable” option but I have worn it enough to definitely get my money’s worth!

I am usually very decisive about clothing items. Generally, when I put something on I know instantly if I like it or not. When I was wedding dress shopping, I bought the first dress I tried on. I just knew it was the one. When my mom and I went shopping for a dress for me to wear to my baby shower, she wanted me to find a dress that I just loved and that felt very special. I found this Free People dress and instantly fell in love. I knew as soon as I put it on that this was the one. My mom encouraged me to look around just to make sure, but I knew without question. There is just something about Free People that makes me feel special. Their pieces are flowy and happy and make me want to be in a field of sunflowers on a sunny day (quite descriptive but true). Of course I wanted to feel that way at my baby shower! So, I went with this dress and I do in fact feel groovy every time I wear it.

I mentioned earlier that the cost of this dress is a little steep. That being said, I wore this dress when I was nine months pregnant, and here I am 7 months post partum and still loving it! I have worn it totally casual to go to lunch and I have dressed it up more with heels for a nice dinner. It can be worn with a belt, with a hat, even with sneakers. So, while it is pricey, it is so versatile! Also, any outfit you wear that makes you smile from the inside out is totally worth it!

Here I am almost 9 months pregnant, in the middle of summer in TN…it was HOT and I was very uncomfortable–but my dress wasn’t! Pictured here are my mom and grandmother. I love this picture. It took a lot to get to this point and I couldn’t have made it without them!
And here I am wearing the dress while playing with my little love in the yard. All of the hard work was worth it!! She has made me realize my purpose for being on this earth.
Its a great dress to wear with a belt and super comfortable for hanging out and having a drink!
And its a great dress to twirl in so that is always a bonus!

Free people is one of my most favorite brands. To me, their clothes stay in style from year to year and never seem too trendy. I don’t mind investing in pieces like that! Also, this brand frequently goes on sale and the Ivory color is currently on sale for 30% off here: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/free-people-feeling-groovy-maxi-dress?ID=8924956. It comes in multiple colors all of which are beautiful! Shop my entire look here:http://shopstyle.com/shop/shoppingwithsum.com.

One thought on “Feeling groovy with Free People!

  1. Love everything about this post . Beautiful time, beautiful dress, beautiful baby !!! , beautiful you ! 😍


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