Billie Razor Review

I literally feel like every other post I see on Instagram is about the Billie razor! Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have seen numerous posts about the majestic razor that is sure to change your life forever. At first, I brushed these rave reviews off and kept scrolling. However, I find myself getting curious when I see every single blogger on the internet pushing a product. Is this razor really the best thing since sliced bread? I have never really cared about my razor before to be honest, but I decided to give this a try. I thought I would give my totally unpaid, unsponsored review of the product!

Okay, I think quarantine has gone to my brain because I decided to post a no makeup picture right out of the shower LOL
This is the magnetic shower holder for the razor

Okay now that I have posted a picture of myself fresh out of the shower, lets talk about this razor. I have never been someone that really puts much thought into my razor selection. I have used disposable razors, refillable razors, , razors for sensitive skin, men’s razors, cheap ones, expensive ones and so on. I have never found one that I necessarily think is any better than another. So, I tried the BIllie razor and here are my honest thoughts!

How does it work? Billie is a subscription service that sends you razor cartridges based on how often you usually shave your legs. Initially, you purchase the razor starter kit, which includes the razor handle, two blades and a magnetic holder for your shower. The razors have 5 blades and the handle is supposed to have a rubber back to prevent slipping. The cost of this initial bundle is $9 and then you can choose to receive the refills once a month, every two months, or every three months based on how often you shave. The refills are also $9 and come with 4 refill blades. You can also choose to add on different products to your order like body lotion, shave cream, or face cleansing wipes. All of the products are made in the USA and are considered clean products (free of a lot of gross ingredients like formaldehyde, lead and artificial dyes).

I initially bought the Billie kit one day when I was shopping at Madewell. I know that sounds random, but they did a collaboration with Madewell and the kit included the razor, 2 refill blades, the shave cream and a cute travel bag. I was excited to get this unicorn product that I had heard so much about. According to the internet, this would provide the closest shave of my life and would cut down on how often I had to shave.

The first few times I used this razor, I was not impressed at all. For starters, the razor cartridge kept popping off the handle every single time I tried to use it. It was very frustrating and annoying. I was hesitant to use the magnetic holder because I have a marble shower and I was somewhat unsure about sticking the holder onto the marble and causing damage if I tried to remove it later. The next time I got in my shower and tried to grab my razor, I found it was very stuck down and I had to work hard to get it removed from the bench in my shower. There was a thick layer of white residue left behind that I had to scrub off. Apparently, there is a charcoal soap surrounding the razor which is meant to provide protection as you shave. It is also very, very sticky when wet. Now onto the shave cream. It literally felt like I had rubbed wet slime down my legs. I know that sounds dramatic, but it was a really icky consistency and I really felt like it kept the razor from getting as close to my skin. Needless to say I went ahead and threw it away.

After a few times of trying the razor and it continually popping off, I decided I must have had a faulty razor. Surely everyone on the internet was seeing something that I was missing, so I decided to go online and order another starter kit. I chose to receive my cartridges every three months as you can always change the frequency if you need more.


It does provide a nice, close shave.

I definitely did not notice any razor burn or any nicks with this razor (which I have experienced with other razors).

The cost is very low. I am shocked at how expensive some razors are!

Very convenient. It is very nice to have the razors mailed to you and you never have to think about it!

The razor is cute. Let’s be honest, we buy things just because they are cute.

Although I really did not like the shave cream, I don’t think you really need anything at all because of the charcoal soap surround.


The charcoal surround is very messy if you choose not to use the magnetic holder. It will stick to your shower or anything else it is placed on to dry.

The razor pops off frequently. It didn’t seem to do this nearly as much with the second one I purchased, but it did still happen occasionally. I promise this is way more annoying than it sounds.

The shave cream is very slimy.

I find myself not using up all of my refills before I receive a new shipment. Maybe I don’t change the blades as often as I should, but such is life. You can go online and pause your refills, but I don’t know my password and it requires a lot of effort. Just being honest.

I do think this razor provides a nice shave, but I definitely don’t think you have to shave any less with this than any other razor you can buy anywhere.

Overall, I will continue to use my Billie razor for now. The main thing I like about it is the convenience of having the refills mailed to me. It is one less thing to think about. It’s a decent razor for a great price. Do I think it will change your life forever, ummmm no. Do I think you will be pretty satisfied about something that really doesn’t matter that much, sure.

So, that is my totally unfiltered review of this razor. About 10,000 bloggers will tell you otherwise because they all seem to really, really love this product. Maybe I am missing something, but I think I gave it a fair chance and my life is still unchanged. My leg hair still grows and still has to be shaved just like when I used a Bic. But hey, at least this razor is a fun color!

If you are interested in purchasing the razor and trying it out, you can shop it here:

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