Three pairs of shorts for people who hate shorts!

Let me begin this post by saying that I literally went years without wearing shorts. I live in TN where the Summer time is about as hot and humid as you can imagine, however, I suffered through jeans and other various wardrobe options to avoid the ever dreaded shorts. My legs and upper thighs are one (of many) parts of my body that I just can’t seem to deal with. My thighs are big and lumpy and generally make me feel very self conscious. The thought of wearing shorts was just a hard pass for me. I would see other people walking around in the cutest pair of denim cut offs and I would always wish that I could throw on a pair with an awesome tshirt and look effortlessly cool. But, I convinced myself that shorts weren’t really my style and I would just stick with dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, dresses will always be my first love but sometimes, it’s nice to just throw on some shorts and go. My husband has told me for years that he loves when I dress more casual. Now, super casual just isn’t my style and probably never will be but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my moments. As I have gotten older, I have realized just how short this life on earth really is. My world absolutely fell apart a few years ago and I think going through grief really changes you. I have had times in my life where I obsessed over my weight and simply just hated myself for being overweight. But at this point in my life, I have decided to just be happy. If I want to wear shorts, I just wear the shorts. If someone looks at me and doesn’t like what they see, then they are free to look elsewhere. I am a work in progress. I think even the most seemingly perfect looking people have things about themselves that make them feel self conscious. So, I have decided for now to just wear what I like, enjoy my baby girl, smile, be kind to people and choose to just be happy- fat thighs and all 🙂

If you are in the same boat, or even if you aren’t, these are all great shorts. I have a thing for denim cutoffs, so I am sharing two different pairs that I love! You can shop my looks here:

1. Universal Thread denim shorts: These are truly the first pair of shorts that I put on and just loved. As I tried them on, I fully expected to hate them and had already decided they wouldn’t work. However, as I slipped them on…magically….I didn’t hate them! I started thinking about all of the ways I could wear them and my mind went crazy with options. They are the perfect amount of stretch, a great length and just overall feel amazing! They are currently on sale for $15 are one of the best purchases I have made all Summer!

2. Wild Fable paperbag shorts: I love these shorts! They are high waisted and elastic and oh so comfortable! I have worn them with t shirts and loved it and also dressed them up with a cute eyelet blouse and wedges and felt a little more dressed up. They are around $20 and .it!

3. Free People cut offs: I casually strolled into Free People recently to browse and would have bet my house that I wouldn’t have walked out with a pair of denim cut offs! I couldn’t never fit into a pair of Free People shorts right? WRONG! My husband encouraged me to try these shorts on when I found them and kept going on and on about them. I didn’t want to go to the dressing room only to experience disappointment when I couldn’t even get them on. However, I was feeling wild and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did because they are everything I have been looking for in a pair of shorts. They are trendy with the frayed edges, high waisted so they suck you in and have just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable. They are a little shorter than I normally wear but I have to say they make me feel great. I have worn them twice all day and they hold their shape and don’t stretch out. They are great quality and hands down my favorite pair of shorts I have ever owned!

If you had told me last Summer that I would be writing a blog post about my favorite shorts, I would have laughed and thought you had probably been drinking or something. However, letting go of fear has really felt good (literally felt great because it is SO HOT HERE). I hope this post has offered some encouragement for you if you struggle with your body and don’t wear what you love because of it. I promise you that life is too short to not wear what you love. Just try it and see what happens. I am pretty sure you will love the results <3.

One thought on “Three pairs of shorts for people who hate shorts!

  1. You are beautiful and you carry off the look in shorts beautifully as you do in all fashion !! You are cute as a button in shorts 💓


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