Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I am going to preface this post by saying that I was very disappointed in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year. I promise to always be 100% honest about the things I post. I had a terrible experience with the sale last year and swore I wouldn’t shop it ever again. I have had a year to get over it and certainly a lot has happened since then (2020 has been a crazy, am I right?) There is always so much hype around the sale and the past few years I have been left wondering if the hype is real. I have to be honest when I say that the constant coverage of the sale is exhausting, especially since most of the good stuff sells out immediately and what is left over is well, left overs.

Last year I had a TERRIBLE with the sale. I shopped the sale the moment it opened on the second day and 9 of the 10 items I ordered were cancelled. The one item that was shipped to me was the wrong color. The customer service was atrocious. I saw countless comments on Instagram from people who had a similar experience. I understand that Nordstrom wants to reward people who spend a lot of money in their store, but I think the way they structure their sale is annoying. They let certain people shop first based on your card holder status and don’t open the sale up to the general public until way later. I assure you by the time the sale is open to the public everything remotely good is sold out. As usual, certain influencers get free merchandise sent to them before the sale so they can hype it up and make the rest of us want the products. However, by the time you try to buy those products, they are sold out. I just don’t really understand the process. I know that I am not making you very excited to shop this sale but I was just left with such a bitter taste in my mouth last year. I have browsed the sale and I do think there are some really great things included this year. A lot of the items seem pretty standard for the sale and aren’t that exciting, but there are some things that I think are totally worth trying to snag for the sale price. I am going to include my picks below and you can shop them here:

Women’s Clothes:

Women’s Shoes:




I am only including things that I genuinely love and think are worth the money! I really love each and every item included here!

If you are interested in snagging any of these sale items, here is when you can shop! You can preview all the sale items at and create a wishlist of your favorites so hopefully when the sale opens up you can snag a few!

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