Toddler Gift Guide


Before I had Ella, I was truly at a loss anytime I needed to buy a gift for a toddler. I would try to google around to find the perfect gift and would stress about it until it was really too late to order anything good. I would panic and just get something random in the 11th hour just so I would have a gift. I don’t want you to be in this position! After having a 14 month old, I can tell you these gifts would make any toddler very happy!

To be completely honest, you could just buy a few pieces of Tupperware with lids or gift an empty bottle of water and make any toddler in your life super happy. But, in the event you actually want to give a nice gift, I have put together some items for boys and girls!

  • Doll stroller: This little wicker stroller is adorable for any little girl on your list. I love that its small, so even the tiniest toddler won’t have trouble reaching the handle. It also looks so sweet sitting in your toddlers room which is always a bonus!
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Okay, this is a splurge but if you need a nice gift for a toddler, it does not get better than this. Ella has one of these and absolutely loves it. It is so soft and snuggly and its the perfect little size for any toddler to carry around.
  • Little Tikes Basketball Goal: File this under things you never thought would be in your living room but now you have a baby and instead of your beautiful coffee table you have a basketball goal. To be honest, Ella loves this. Like REALLY loves this. She has the pink and purple one, but it also comes in other colors if you are buying for a boy. The height is adjustable and it can grow with your toddler!
  • Baby Doll: I love that this baby doll is so classic. Ella has always been more into her stuffed animals until she got a doll very similar to this. She loves her baby and takes her around everywhere. This would be adorable with the little pink stroller!
  • Wooden Walker Toy: This has been a big hit in our house! Even though Ella can walk on her own she still loves to push this around. The height is adjustable and so is the speed, which is unique. You can tighten the brakes to allow your toddler to be able to push this faster or more slowly depending on how advanced they are in the walking department. Ella also really loves the little toys attached and truly plays with this all the time!
  • Wooden Stack Toy: This is great for baby brain development. Also, if you have a toddler then you know that it is very difficult to keep their attention on one thing for very long. If you can find a toy that keeps them sitting in one place and occupied for a few minutes, then it is worth its weight in gold.You don’t even have to pay gold for this because its under $20 and a great gift for a toddler!
  • Pretend Dryer: This may seem silly, but I promise you one of Ella’s joys in life is when I am emptying the dryer. To me it is one of the least enjoyable tasks ever created and I try to avoid at all costs, but she bolts in the laundry room and looks at the dryer the way I look at a glass of wine after a long day. Pure joy, LOL. She could stand there for an hour loading and reloading the same t shirt and pair of socks in and out of the dryer. This play one is adorable and perfect for little tikes.
  • Purse: Let’s be honest, a toddler walking around with a little purse is adorable. Toddlers love to imitate us adults and Ella loves to play with my purse. I got her a similar little purse as part of her Halloween costume and I had no idea how much fun she would have carrying it around.
  • Bath toy: We have one of these and it is an absolute favorite in our home. My bathtub used to be a serene spot that had lots of pretty bath salts and bath oil bottles. Now, it is surrounded by rubber ducks and this bright contraption, and I would not have it any other way. This thing makes Ella so happy every night during bath time and I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy playing with it from time to time.
  • Ball Set: Ella’s number one passion in life is a basketball. She can spot them on television like she has some special radar or a sixth sense. One of her favorite words to say over and over is “ack ball”. A friend got her this set of balls for her birthday and she is obsessed. For real obsessed. They are small and soft so she can carry them around and they are perfect for little toddler hands.
  • Mickey Mouse Remote Control Car: We don’t own this but Ella would love it. She would love to push the button and see the little car move. She gets pure joy out of figuring something out like this so this is definitely on her Christmas list. It also comes in a pink Minnie Mouse version!

We own a lot of these toys and they are things that Ella loves and plays with over and over. These gifts would make you the favorite aunt or friend or whatever it is, and let’s be honest, that is really all we want when buying a toddler gift, right? You can shop these awesome gifts here:

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